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At Creative Therapy Associates (CTA), we provide therapy to nearly 500 clients per year, serving the greater Washington DC Metro area since 2004. Due to our location in the nation's capital, we work with many high profile clients who require increased privacy and discretion. Although our office is located in a central area of Northern Virginia, we take special care with privacy considerations. This unique aspect of our practice encourages our clients to seek services in a manner that helps protect their anonymity.

How we protect our clients' privacy:

  • Our office has a secure entrance which ensures access to only CTA clients.
  • Our waiting area is arranged so that clients have their own sense of personal space.
  • A separate exit provides high profile clients an added sense of privacy.

In addition to protecting our clients' confidentiality, we care about the quality of care our clients receive. At the end of therapy, our clients are provided a satisfaction survey. Of the clients who responded, the majority consistently report experiencing improvement at the end of therapy, a positive relationship with their therapist and are satisfied overall with the services they receive.

Here's what our clients have to say:

  • "Our therapist was able to teach my daughter strategies to relax. She displayed good communication of my daughter's needs, goals and length of treatment needed. I would recommend her, she is an asset to your [practice]."
  • "Our therapist built trust with my daughter first before jumping into the hard topics. She also helped my daughter build self-confidence and self-worth as well as venting some of her frustrations."
  • "I am very grateful for the flexibility offered by our therapist. My son grew very fond of his therapist and recognized the safe place she offered him. I have recommended CTA to others and will continue to do so."
  • "Neither my husband nor I had ever been to therapy before, and our therapist made us feel completely at ease. I was skeptical about marriage counseling at first, but our therapist really helped us to address critical issues. After every session, we left feeling as if it progress had been made."
  • "Our experience with CTA made me think that therapy works well. I was skeptical at first of its value, but have come to believe that it plays a central role in allowing us to work through our issues."
  • "My daughter felt completely comfortable talking with the therapist from the very first meeting. She always enjoyed the sessions and was talkative when she would come home. Thank you for helping her regain her self-confidence."
  • "This is our second time using the practice and we feel it is a good place for our children to be able to share their feelings, hurts and frustration to someone other than us. Thanks!"

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